Hematology-oncology is the science applied to treat blood disorders and diseases and(hematology) and cancers (oncology). Also, it treats with blood cancers and some disease include iron deficiency anaemia, thalassemia’s as well other organ cancers. Bone marrow cancers concerns with leukaemia’s in which WBC cancer takes place in this condition bone marrow synthesis other blood cells, initiating to bone tumours state referred to as multiple myeloma in this abnormal protein were created leading kidney dysfunction and can be identified by some symptoms like bone pain, frequent bone breaking and also constipation sometimes, mostly patients with the treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, plasmapheresis. The treatment will vary for individual suffering with myeloma based on many factors, in this multiple myeloma it includes a stage referred smoldering stage in which it doesn’t show active symptoms that is the state in which myeloma cells present in the body were not progressive.

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • Acute myelogenous leukaemia.
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.
  • Acute monocytic leukaemia.
  • Hodgkin’s lymphomas.
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas.


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