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For the purposes of registration, a clinical trial is any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes.

The first clinical trial of a hepatitis C vaccine in humans has demonstrated safety and unprecedented immune responses, according to research published this week in Science Translational Medicine. B-cells produce antibodies that go after specific invaders. With the hepatitis C virus constantly changing (much like HIV) and having multiple genotypes, it is challenging for scientists to get B-cells to work effectively in a hepatitis C vaccine.

Using “helper” T-cells instead of B-cells that target specific intruders, the new vaccine provokes the immune system to go after the virus with its own defenses. About 15 to 25 percent of people who become infected with hepatitis C clear the virus spontaneously, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Researchers have known that a powerful T-cell response plays a role in the body’s ability to do so.

The researchers used chimpanzee viruses as vaccine vectors in the trial. “The size and breadth of the immune responses seen in the healthy volunteers are unprecedented in magnitude for a hepatitis C vaccine,” lead researcher Ellie Barnes, of the Nuffield Department of Medicine at Oxford University, said in a press statement.

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