Hormones and the Immune System

Females have more vivacious cell and humoral safe reactions, they are more impervious to numerous contaminations, and they endure a higher rate of autoimmune diseases as compared to males. The variations in sex hormones are accompanied by the differences in immune responses between the sexes and the reproductive phases in women. However, the actions of sex hormones are extremely complex. The clearest impacts of sex hormones on the resistant reaction are the impacts of these hormones on the quantities of circulating immune cells. Sex hormones have been appeared to influence these cell numbers by influencing proliferation or apoptosis of the cells or by enrollment of new cells from the bone marrow. Distinctive reproductive procedures, including ovulation, menstruation cycle, are impacted by the immune system. A regenerative condition in which immunology assumes a correlated part is pregnancy.


  • Sex Hormones and the Immune Response in Humans
  • Immune Dimorphism
  • The immune System and the Menstrual Cycle
  • The Roles of the Immune System in Women’s Reproduction

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