Human Fetal Growth and Development

Human fetal development during the fetal period (weeks 9 to 37) following fertilization. The long fetal period (embryonic period) is a time of extensive growth in mass and size as well as ongoing differentiation of organ systems established in the time of embryonic period. Clinically this time of period is generally defined as the Second Trimester and Third Trimester. Generally many of the critical measurements of growth are now carried out by ultrasound and this period ends at birth. The embryonic period grow and differentiate further during the fetal period and do so at different times. And also consider the systems (respiratory, cardiac, and neural) that will still not have their final organization and function determined until after birth.

·         Fertilization

·         Fetal Growth from 1st to 38 or 40 week

·         Development of the Human Fetal  Brain

·         Gene Regulatory

·         Cell Fate Decisions During the Early Embryonic Development

·         Embryonic and fetal hormones

·         Fetal Respiratory and Fetal Renal


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