Human Toxicology

Human toxicology discusses about the mechanisms/modes of toxicity that deals with the safety assessment of new chemical, biotechnologically-derived products for human health assessment including statistical and mechanism-based approaches. It’s the toxicological science which mentions to the structure-function relationship, human and health sways of the chemicals such as PCBs etc. It comprises of varied ranges of disciplines such as Organ systems toxicity, lung toxicology.

Human toxicology studies the adverse effects of chemical substances on the living things. The chemicals may occur naturally or have been created in a lab or factory; the living things may be humans, pets, livestock, or microbes living in a pond. The toxicity of a substance is influenced by its mechanism of action and the ingested quantity or concentration. Toxicologist mainly focuses on frequency of chemical use and toxicant exposure in our society.

  • Human genotoxicology
  • Epigenetics
  • Gene-Environment interactions
  • Environmental genomics and Proteomics

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