Human Toxicology

Human Toxicology deals with the toxicology of an element which is dependent on the kinetics of the interaction of the element in ionized form or as an organic compound of the element with the human organism. In Human Toxicology the effects of the chemicals on the individuals are the main concern. The effects of the pesticides and the exposure of the hazardous chemicals on the human in the environment is human toxicology. A clinical toxicologist is concerned with the action of chemicals on human system and he will have to attend on someone who has taken in a lot more drugs than one should normally have or a dose of pesticide to bring an end to one's life.

Human Toxicology is the study of the effects of the toxins in the human beings in which the adverse effects of chemical agents present in food, the atmosphere, drugs. The Professionals trained in human toxicology can recognize and measure the exposures and categorize the mechanisms by which toxicants affect homeostasis or persuade disease, identify interventions to prevent the effects, and to estimate suitable levels of exposure to protect the public health.

  • Human and experimental toxicology
  • Human clinical toxicology

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