Human Transcriptomics

Human Transcriptome study is a part of Human Genome Project which is an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human Transcriptome and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. It includes all the aspects of Transcription in Human Prokaryotes and Transcription in Human Eukaryotes.

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World Congress on Human Genetics, October 31-November 02, 2016 Valencia, Spain; International Conference on Genetic Counselling and Genomic Medicine, August 11-12, 2016 Birmingham, UK; International Conference and Expo on Molecular & Cancer Biomarkers September 15-17, 2016 Berlin, Germany; International Conference on Clinical and Molecular Genetics November 28-30, 2016 Chicago, USA; International Conference on Next Generation Sequencing, July 21-22, 2016, Berlin, Germany; Human Genome Meeting 2016, February 28-March 02, 2016 Houston, USA; 13th International Congress of Human Genetics, April 3-7, 2016, Kyoto, Japan; The European Human Genetics Conference, May 21-24, 2016, Barcelona, Spain; 18th International Conference on Human Genetics, London, February 25-26, 2016, United Kingdom; Understanding the Function of Human Genome Variation, May 31-June 4, 2016, Uppsala, Sweden

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international research effort to sequence and map all of the genes - together known as the genome - of members of our species, Homo sapiens. Now-a -days RNA sequence data generated by Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project is used to investigate the patterns of Human transcriptome variation across individuals and tissues. Developmental transcriptome data is a key to interpreting disease-associated with human Transcriptome such as mutations and transcriptional changes. Novel approaches integrating the spatial and temporal dimensions of these data have increased our understanding of when and where disease occurs. 

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