Hydrogen Economy and Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and a promising solution to the world's oil dependence. Hydrogen has many applications in the energy market. First, because of hydrogen's combustive nature, it can be used directly in an internal combustion engine, replacing the need for automotive gasoline. Second, it can be stored in fuel cells to create electricity, providing another power source for a vehicle. They are also used to power and heat buildings. Third, it can replace natural gas in its application to heating and cooling homes. In addition, it could also be used to turn the turbines that bring electricity to homes. With applications in distributed generation and electric vehicles, the hydrogen economy is a revolutionary new field that has the potential to change how we live.

  • Hydrogen Energy Production and Storage
  • Hydrogen Storage in Single and Multicomponent System
  • Hydrogen Storage in Nanoconfined System
  • The Future of Hydrogen Economy
  • Worldwide Impact of Developing this Technology
  • Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Embrittlement

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