Imaging & Single Cell Proteomics

Single-cell genomics is advancing rapidly and it  is generating many new insights into complex biological systems, ranging from the diversity of microbial ecosystems to the genomics of human cancer. It focus on the technical challenges of making measurements that start from a single molecule of DNA, and then explore how some of these recent methodological advancements have enabled the discovery of unexpected new biology.  Methods for  the  genomic analysis at the  single-cell resolution enable the  new understanding of  the complex biological phenomena. Single-cell techniques are  ranging from flow cytometry and microfluidics to PCR and sequencing these are used to understand the cellular composition of complex tissues,  it helps to find new microbial species and perform genome-wide haplotyping.

  • Microbial Proteomics
  • Genomic data mining
  • Genome Annotation
  • Gene mapping
  • Meta genomes
  • Data mining applications in genomics

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Imaging & Single Cell Proteomics Conference Speakers