Impact & Assessment on Environment using 3D Printing

Upcoming amazing technology will help to provide us with a cleaner, greener way out. 3D printed parts are proving to have considerable advantages over conventional manufacturing processes. Since there’s little waste in 3D printing, there’s no excess cutting, drilling and milling. Less refining and assembly also means a reduction in storage before sale and distribution. This is yet another area that reduces the overuse of resources on a mass production scale. Numerous negative impacts like fumes, toxic by-products, excess energy requirements etc has been intervened in 3D printing. Moreover it’s the hope of innovators and scientists to correct all these current problems with future 3D technology. Imagine a world where eco-friendly 3D printed parts produced all we could ever need in a less sophisticated manner and thereby minimal impact on our planet and everything that is a part of it. So it still not a clear picture. Let us find together at the Congress in order to get some more clues to achieve it.


  • Global  picture in which 3D Printing fits in
  •  Negative impact of 3D Printing technology
  • Widespread earth-friendly 3D printing materials to look out for in the future
  • Role of 3D Printing in saving the environment

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