Importance of Herbal Medicine

Herbals have been used for health and medical purposes for several thousands of years, majority of people still using herbal medicine to meet their health needs. Medicinal plants are important sources for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Medicinal plants and herbal medicines having highest market in china since decade, medicinal plants can be used as food to meet daily requirements of body.

Certain European and Oriental countries have been exploring the use of herbs and has been in practice since the centuries. The basic herbs have no side effects, remedies are in sync with nature which is the biggest plus point where no other medicine can claim these facts.

In India, use of herbal medicine is perhaps more prevalent than western countries. Some of the examples of herbal medicines are Echinacea, Kava, Valerian, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and St. John’s Wort. 

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Native American Herbal Medicine
  • Japanese Herbal Medicine
  • Herbals as Food

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