Indigeneity and Food

"Indigenous food" can in a split second resound with commodification rehearses, post-expansionism, food uncertainty, gender-role associations, and so forth. Then again, we may watch the development of counter-developments, for example, elective nourishment systems, food legacy safeguarding, nourishment power, gender activism, nourishment and atmosphere activity, among others. These counter-developments hold diverse stakes and bear different plans yet they all have a similar target: Regaining control. As fascinating as it can be to draw a moral line between the former historical constructs and social practices and the subsequent counter movements, social reality should not be surrounded in such mechanism.

  • Indigenous as the new healthy
  • Indigenous food & host society
  • Indigenous methods of food preparation
  • Tourism & indigenous food
  • Indigeneity & food education
  • Food indigeneity & sustainable farming
  • Food sustainability
  • Global food security

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