Indigenous Medicine

Indigenous medicine is also called as traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is the one which was prevalent before the era of modern medicine. Mostly they used plants to cure the diseases. And they are used by herbal therapies, traditional medicine practitioners. The traditional medicines varied according to belief and culture of the people. In this modern era, the people consider that these traditional medicines are unsuitable. One of the plants Ginseng which is widely used in traditional medicine and now this plant plays a major role in herbal health care. Every part of the plant has been used for the treatment of diseases. One of the main advantages of traditional medicine is that it doesn’t have side effects as it is in modern medicine. Loss of strength, bleeding disorders is treated using the roots of the plant. Ethnomedicine is a study that compares the various types of traditional practices that are followed by the indigenous people.

  • Healing Herbs
  • Important medicinal plants and their uses
  • Sustainable Soils and Soil Geology
  • Herbal Healthcare
  • Irrigation Water Effects
  • Herbal Therapies
  • Indian Ayurveda
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Plants Ginseng
  • Traditional Chinese medicines
  • Ethnomedicine

Indigenous Medicine Conference Speakers