Individualized Treatment Through Personalized Medicine

An epic period of customized drug has unfolded, with therapeutic treatments tailored to individual patients based on their own genes. As researchers get familiar with how our inherited genes influence our own danger of malignant growth and what makes a tumor resistant to therapy and spread to other organs, we are progressing towards a period of Individualized treatment and prevention—an idea called personalized, or precision, medicine.  Personalized medicine is about the utilization of hereditary data to personalize treatment, i.e., a treatment that is adapted to the individual patient’s biological traits and health situation. With new innovative  opportunities, such as genetic sequencing, novel types of medication, and big data, personalized medicine has become a real option In the meantime, the precise gathering and analysis of data provides an opportunity to classify patient risks and calculate individualized risk assessment scores with the goal of providing optimized, safe, high-quality treatment options for each individual patient


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