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The global radiology information system market has been segmented based on component, type, deployment mode, geography and end user. It analyses competitive developments, such as joint ventures, alliances, mergers & acquisitions in the global market.

Furthermore, the rising number of health related cases like age-related disorders and trauma patients has increased the patient flow and has generated the need of information systems globally. 

Related Topics :

•        Computed tomography (CT)

•        Contrast studies (Radiopaque materials )

•        Gamma camera in  radiopharmaceuticals

•        Gamma rays in tracer studies

•        Radioactivity

•        Interventional radiology

•        Ionization X-rays

•        Radioactive tracer studies

•        Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

•        Nuclear medicine

The market is analysed based on the growth of end user segments and the fastest-growing market segments. The major drivers that are responsible for the growth of the market are the increasing mergers of health care facilities and group purchasing by private hospitals.

  • The Growth of Radiology
  • Current trends in Radiology
  • Cost and Value in Radiology
  • The Market of Radiology
  • Radiology Industry trends
  • Fat Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Images

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