Industry Analysis

The vaccine production market is one of the most profitable investment options. Increase in number of pet owners, and their concern about maintaining good animal practices are the other reason for the market growth. But on the other hand, government intervention in distribution channel is responsible for the loss of vaccine productions. Purchasing vaccines in bulk for livestock supply are resulting in decreasing the revenue margins of vaccine producers by bulk pricing.


On the basis of product type, vaccine market is classified into livestock vaccine, companion animal vaccine, equine vaccine, porcine vaccine, aquaculture vaccines etc. Companion animal vaccines are being used vastly because of increase in occurrence of zoonotic diseases due to increase in pet population. Germany, France, Canada, USA, US, etc. are the key operating countries for veterinary vaccines.


  • Market Share of Influenza Vaccine
  • Flu Drugs in Global Market
  • Industry Share of Antivirals
  • Market share of Zoonotic Disease and Drugs
  • Research Status in Influenza Zoonotic Disease

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