Infectious diseases in plants

Plant diseases are the serious threat to food security, food safety, national economies, biodiversity and the rural environment. Infectious plant diseases are caused by a pathogenic organism such as a fungus, bacterium, mycoplasma, virus, viroid, nematode, or parasitic flowering plant.The infectious agent is capable of reproducing within or on its host and spreading from one susceptible host to another. The infectious are caused by Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Nematodes and parasites. 

  • Parasitic diseases and fungal infections
  • Nematodes and protozoa causing infections
  • Plant viruses
  • Plant pathogens & diseases causing Bacteria
  • Control of plant diseases
  • vaccination in plant diseases
  • Functional Genomics

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August 13-14 | 2018

7th Global Summit on Microbiology Research


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