Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control Measures and Cure

Infection Prevention and Control is helpful to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Aseptic technique is normally applied to prevent the infections caused by different means. Sterilization is another process of killing microorganisms by the application of heat. Disinfection is the process of killing harmful microorganisms. Some infectious diseases can be prevented by avoiding direct contact with the contagious person. Infections can also be controlled and prevented by creating public awareness on various infectious diseases and their outbreaks. Infections can be cured by various antibiotics and antimicrobials.

  • Publics awareness
  • Awareness of STD
  • Medication
  • Global health
  • Vaccines
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Detection of molecular targets for drug development
  • Air borne diseases
  • Prone Diseases at Extreme temperatures
  • Infectious disease
  • Prone Diseases at Low temperatures
  • Transmission of Ecological work
  • Injury
  • Food insecurity
  • Others

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