Innovation and Improving in Primary Healthcare

Primary Health Care Practitioners in health promotion by encouraging them to embrace innovation inside their follow to streamline the treatment process and improve patient outcomes. Electronic modes of communication, education and training are now commonplace in several medical practices. In recent years, social media has been used in different contexts as a way to streamline the flow of data and information for decision making. This has contributed to the problem of knowledge production in networks and therefore the growth of communication channels so that there is greater access to health services. Physicians have a chance to enhance quality of care and therefore by increasing the patient experience through initiatives designed to support the model of the Patient’s Medical Home. In the future there is a possibility that distance learning tools could be used to assist in training processes and in the continuing education of professionals in family health teams. By this new issue of Healthcare which will focus on clarifying the benefits, limitations, and tradeoffs of implementing delivery system innovations on patient care experiences.


  • Recent advances and perspectives
  • The challenges of the changing World
  • Implication for health policy and health promotion

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