Instrumental analytical chemistry

Instrumental analytical chemistry is a scientific field which includes a huge amount of different techniques. These techniques are widely used in different parts of the research, drug developement, quality control, clinical diagnostics, structural analysis,forensic science,drug R & D and Life Sciences.

  • Small & large molecule therapeutics
  • Biochemical and biophysical characterisation
  • The complexity of biotherapeutic medicines
  • Synthetic antibody therapy
  • Synthetic cell signaling pathway
  • Designed vaccines
  • adoptive immunotherapy
  • Systems biology
  • Biomedical engineering
  • human application of synthetic immunology
  • Micro RNA biogenesis
  • Micro RNA function
  • miRNA expression
  • microRNA targets
  • microRNA evolution
  • Application of RNA interference
  • Oncolytic platforms
  • Preclinical virotherapy models
  • Oncolytic vaccine technologies
  • Advanced genetic engineering techniques
  • Current challenges with oncolytic virotherapy
  • adjuvant therapy
  • cytokine therapy
  • antibody replacement therapy
  • allergen immunotherapy
  • Biology and therapeutics of CK microproteins
  • Engineering CK microproteins
  • Stability of CK microproteins
  • Applications of CK microproteins
  • Protein therapeutics
  • Anti-Biopharmaceutical immunization
  • Transformative cell and gene therapies
  • Combination therapy
  • Primary and secondary antibody responses
  • Boundaries and targeting of somatic hypermutation
  • Activation-induced deaminase
  • Mutability index
  • Hotspots for SHM
  • Glycan Binding proteins
  • Glyco Immunology
  • Glycans in Drug Design & therapeutics
  • Bio Informatics in Glycobiology
  • Genome sequencing
  • New Tools for Capturing
  • Manipulating and activating SM pathways
  • Novel approaches for designing genes
  • Advances in screening technologies
  • Novel ADC platforms
  • Novel payloads
  • Advances in linker technology
  • New methods for evaluating the potential benefits of site-specific ADCs
  • Structural analysis of small organic molecules
  • Formulation & Development of Biotherapeutics
  • Micro RNA biogenesis
  • Obstacles in the therapy
  • Major breakthroughs
  • Disadvantages/ Side effects

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