Insulin and Diode Antibodies

Insulin antibodies may be found in non-diabetic individuals complaining of hypoglycemic attacks. In this setting their presence can be an indicator of "factitious hypoglycemia" due to the surreptitious injection of insulin. Insulin autoantibodies in non-diabetic subjects can occasionally develop without exposure to exogenous insulin and may rarely become a cause of episodic hypoglycemia. Interaction of these antibodies with insulin autoantibodies could displace bound insulin from the insulin autoantibodies, resulting in hypoglycemia. Antibodies to exogenously delivered insulin are common with insulin treatment but are not often clinically significant.           

The development of antibodies depends on the purity, molecular structure, and storage conditions of the insulin administered as well as patient factors such as age, HLA type, and delivery route. Radio ligand binding (RLB) assays are the most common assay used for measurement of insulin antibodies.

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