Interfacial Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry Interfaces are now and again reffered to as energized interfaces implying that potential differences,charge densities,dipole minutes and electric streams happens.Interfacial Electrochemistry is centered around interfacial wonders including superior altered cathodes and semiconductor nanomaterials, to grow new stages for (photo)electrocatalytic, vitality creation, (bio)sensing and defensive purposes.

  • Theory and Modeling
  • Double layer at blocking interfaces
  • Non-blocking metal electrodes
  • Componenets of Electrode Potential
  • Effects of surface films and surface rougness
  • Potentials of Zero charge
  • Capacity of Metal/Liquid Electrolyte Interphase
  • Develeopments in theory of electrified interface
  • Semi-electrolyte interface

Interfacial Electrochemistry Conference Speakers