Keratitis and Keratoconus

Keratitis is an aggravation or disturbance of the cornea (the straightforward layer covering the iris and understudy) described by normal indications of red eye, remote body sensation, torment, affectability to light, watery eyes, and obscured vision. There are different sorts of keratitis, yet most usually it happens after damage to the cornea, dryness or irritation of the visual surface or contact focal point wear. The most well-known irresistible reason is herpes simplex infection sort 1, yet it can likewise be because of varicella zoster, which is the reactivation of chicken pox infection; and the adenoviruses that reason upper respiratory diseases. Less generally, microorganisms, parasites, growths and vitamin A lack can cause keratitis

Keratoconus is an eye ailment that influences the structure of the cornea, the reasonable front piece of the eye, which normally diminishes and swells into an unpredictable, cone shape, bringing about vision misfortune. Keratoconus more often than not starts at adolescence and advances into the mid-thirties, with most punctual indications being a slight obscuring of vision or logically poor vision that is not effectively redressed

  • Vision Loss
  • Corneal Scarring

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