Land and Construction Surveying

Surveying is the system by using which a surveyor measures certain dimensions that occur on or near the surface of the Earth. It includes those sub tracks Geodetic Surveying, Photographic Surveying, GPS surveying and laser scanning, Hydrographic Surveying, plane table Surveying, mistakes in Surveying & Levelling, Mining and Cadastral Surveying.

Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. Surveying has been an element in the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history. The planning and execution of most forms of construction require it. It is also used in transport, communications, mapping, and the definition of legal boundaries for land ownership.

  • Geodetic Surveying
  • Photographic Surveying
  • GPS Surveying and Laser Scanning
  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Plane Table Surveying
  • Errors in Surveying & Levelling
  • Cadastral Surveying
  • Mining Surveying

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