Lead Drug Discovery

A lead compound is usually defined as a latest chemical entity that could potentially be developed into a latest drug by optimizing its beneficial effects and minimizing its side effects. The method by which a drug is delivered can have a crucial effect on its efficacy. Attempts are being made to develop, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, interferon-alpha, and antibodies, due to problems with fundamental technologies for protein drug discovery. Liquid dispersions & additionally nanoparticle dispersions consisting of small particles of 10–400 nm diameter show great promise as drug delivery systems. Lead discovery includes -

  • Choosing disease and drug target.
  • Identifying a bioassay.
  • Finding a lead compound.
  • Isolation and purification.
  • Structure determination
  • SAR(Structure Activity Relationship)
  • Identification of pharmacophore.
  •  Choosing Disease and Drug Target
  •  Identification of Pharmacophore
  •  Lead Compounds and SAR
  •  Computer-aided drug design

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