Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

\r\n Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN):


\r\n A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a member of the medical profession that does their duties taking care of patients while under the management of registered nurses or doctors. The LPN does what is considered essential care, which means they help patients to eat, dress, walk, take a bath, comb their hair, etc. They may also give them their medicines, take their temperature or other vital signs, and do other similar duties.

\r\n They do the following:

\r\n a)  Keep detailed, accurate records on patients' health

\r\n b)  Monitor the health of patients by taking blood pressure and checking other vital signs

\r\n c)  Report the status of patients to doctors and registered nurses

\r\n d)  Help patients with basic care and personal hygiene activities, like dressing or bathing

\r\n e) Administer basic nursing care, such as inserting catheters, changing bandages or administering intravenous medications

\r\n f)   Discuss healthcare with patients, explain procedures and listen to their concerns

\r\n g)  Teaching families and caregivers how to care for injured or sick relatives


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