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Health economics is a branch of Pharmacoeconomics concerned issues identified with productivity, viability, Quality  esteem and conduct in the generation and utilization of wellbeing and social insurance. In expansive terms, wellbeing financial analysts concentrate on the working of medicinal services frameworks and wellbeing influencing practices, for example, smoking and so on and a huge concentration of wellbeing financial aspects of Pharmaceutical Industry and  microeconomic assessment of the estimation of individual medications & Global Pharma Market . The states in Europe evaluate certain new and existing pharmaceuticals and gadgets utilizing financial assessments by wellbeing innovation by health technology assessments

A recently proposed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation affecting generic drug labelling would introduce product liability, increasing the overall costs for generic manufacturers. Should the rule be finalized, it would increase spending on generic drugs by $4 billion per year. Pricing and margins in the industry have a tendency to decline as a result of fierce competition in the generic drug industry and increased government pricing pressure. The biggest driver is global medicine spending trend towards generics. With most governments in the world to seeking ways to control healthcare budgets, we are positive about generic drug’s growth rate compared with its branded counterparts. Also, the continued patent cliff creates growing pipelines opportunities for the generic firms. Growth in both overall population and aging demographics prove to be beneficial for the overall healthcare sector including generic drug makers. Healthcare reform in US and fast growth in emerging market are other important drivers for the industry.

  • Lifecycle management of drug products
  • Patents and disputes case studies
  • INDA Rules and Regulations
  • Cost-minimization analysis

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