Lifestyle Medicine

Life Medicine (LM) is the utilization of way of life mediations in the treatment and administration of infection. LM is turning into the favoured methodology for the counteractive action as well as the treatment of most perpetual sicknesses, including Type-2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Obesity, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Osteoporosis, malignancy prevention. Likewise incorporate Aerobic and Resistance practices for patients with diabetes, Sleep and infection counteractive action, intrinsic inspiration and wellbeing conduct adherence.

  • Cancer prevention and pain management
  • Intrinsic motivation and health behaviour adherence
  • Treatment option for chronic disease
  • Aerobic & resistance exercises for diabetic patients
  • Physical activity & cardiovascular disorders: How much is enough?
  • Practicing pathologists in personalized medicine
  • Psychological stress and disease

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