Lipids in Signaling and Intracellular Trafficking

Understanding the mechanisms of intracellular trafficking and its interaction with other signaling molecules may lead to novel approaches in the treatment of a number of hematologic and other diseases. NIH has invested $127,980 in this specific area in 2015.

Lipid rafts/caveolae flagon formed structures are rich in proteins and additionally lipids, for example, cholesterol and sphingolipids and have a few capacities in signal transduction. They assume a part in disease cells advancement, endocytosis and the uptake of pathogenic microorganisms and certain infections. Ponders that have illustrated the part of lipid pontoons in flagging by means of bioreceptor tyrosine kinases and G protein-coupled receptors. The inositol phospholipids frame the basic premise for a mind boggling interchange of flagging reactions created, most regularly, by receptor actuation and bringing about changes in Ca +2 , protein kinase falls, and particle channel/exchanger movement. Phosphatidylinositol (PI) itself is a negligible phospholipid constituent of all eukaryote plasma films.

Despite the fact that the plasma layer might contain microdomains with an assortment of various lipid creations, cholesterol and sphingolipid rich microdomains, named lipid flatboats, have been the most strongly examined. Flatboats are hypothesized to direct protein–protein interactions by horizontally isolating proteins as per their partiality for requested layer areas. New endeavours need to create and test elective theories for lipid-intervened natural capacity are basic to propelling our comprehension of plasma layer areas and their parts in cell capacity. Cholesterol is an amphipathic particle like phospholipid moiety. It contains a hydrophobic interactions and hydrophilic interactions. Regardless of its little mass, cholesterol assumes a critical part in keeping up the trustworthiness of the film and is likewise included with cell to cell flagging procedure.

Relevant Conferences

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  • Sphingolipid second messengers
  • Second messengers from phosphatidylinositol
  • Activators of G-protein coupled recptors
  • Activators of nuclear receptors

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