Location Based Services and Mobile GI application

Services which use the location co-ordinates of end-user to improve the relevance, context, and value of application are defined as location based services (LBS). As per Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary, LBS are services offered by the cellular radio providers that are sensitive the physical location of terminal device. Such services include descriptions of and directions to restaurants and other retail establishments in the proximity. However, now the services may not only be offered by the carriers alone.

LBS and Mobile GIS are critical to many businesses as well as the government organizations to the drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where the activities take place. The spatial patterns that location-related data and services can provide is one on its most powerful and the useful aspect where location is a common denominator in all of these activities and that can be leveraged to the better understand patterns and relationships.

  • Information Services
  • Location Based Social Media
  • Mobile Location-Based Gaming
  • Smart environments and ambient spatial intelligence
  • Geotagged big data
  • Personalization and context-aware adaptation
  • Visualization techniques for LBS
  • Novel user interfaces and interaction techniques
  • 3D and augmented reality
  • Tracking

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