Major Research Areas

  • Tectonic Evolution of Orogenic belts
  • Cordilleran and Grenville tectonics
  • U-Pb Geochronology
  • Extensional fault systems
  • Metamorphic core complexes
  • Granites and Shear zones
  • Integrated structural, Petrological and Geochronological studies applied to Tectonic problems
  • Radiogenic Isotope Analysis of rocks, Mineral separates, Sulphide minerals, Carbonate fossils and groundwater
  • New techniques that have direct application to Environmental Problems
  • Pb Isotopic analysis of mine drainage and tracing of sulphide-contaminated waters in surface and groundwater systems
  • Mechanisms and rates of fundamental rock-forming processes
  • Chemical Zoning of crystals or the size and spatial distribution of mineral grains in rocks
  • Origin and Maintenance of organismal diversity over large time scales
  • Stochastic and Hybrid Earthquake fault modeling
  • Seismic Soil Modelling
  • Earthquake Ground motion relations
  •  Seismic Microzonation
  • Rapid warning systems for Earthquakes
  • Physics and Chemistry of Magmatic processes
  • Study of Paleoclimate records
  • Assess the impact of Anthropogenic land-use change on Natural Lacustrine systems
  • Investigate the dynamics of sea-level change utilizing fossil salt marsh deposits
  • Segregation of metal from silicate to form our planet’s metallic core
  • The Crystallization of Earth’s Magma Ocean
  • Consequences of giant impacts for the Geochemical Evolution of the mantle
  • Airborne Geophysical Surveying and Planetary Geology
  • Planetary Geology (and specifically, Analogues of LIPs on other planets)
  • Improving the LIP record in order to reconstruct the arrangement of crustal blocks within super continents back to 2.7 billion years ago
  • Big machine learning in Remote Sensing
  • Close range Remote Sensing
  • Global Essential Variables from satellite observations
  • Advances in model-data integration and assimilation

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