Marine Pollution

Marine pollution occurs when harmful or potentially harmful chemicals entered into ocean, agriculture wastage, industrial wastage, residential wastage, noise, dust, etc. Many toxic chemicals are adhers to the small particles and which are taken up by the plankton, nekton and benthos animal, in this way it will affect to the ocean food chain. Major marine pollution is coming from land based activities; it is about 80%.Oil spills causes the high damage to marine pollution. But infact only 12% of oil is entering into the seas per year. Fertilizers runoff from the lands is affecting the marine pollution. The extra nutrients cause eutrophication. Solid garbage also makes the pollution to marine – like plastic bags, balloons, glass bottles, etc. Every marine organism from plankton to whale is contaminated by the man-made chemicals like pesticides and chemicals.

  • Acidification
  • Eutrophication
  • Plastic debris
  • Toxins
  • Underwater noise
  • Ocean Acidification

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