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Apart from the fact that vaccines began to be developed much later than chemotherapeutic drugs, a number of additional factors have affected the progress of parasitic vaccine development. Moreover, and in contrast to viruses and bacteria, even the simplest parasites and their life cycles are highly complex, and there is a general lack of precise understanding of the host/parasite interaction. Owing to the complex nature of parasites, the immune system is confronted with a highly diverse and plastic antigen repertoire. A number of biological characteristics perpetuate this diversity. In general, vaccines can be expected to induce a narrow spectrum of protection, often restricted to a single species or strain, whereas, in many cases, the actions of chemotherapeutics transcend the species level. Broadening the spectrum of protective immunity is a major issue in vaccine development.

  • Chemotherapeutic targets in Parasites
  • Vaccines for Parasitic Diseases
  • Pre and Post Travel Evaluation
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Global markets for diagnostic technologies

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