Materials and Environmental Effects

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, humans were able to advance further into the 21st century. Technology developed rapidly, science became advanced and the manufacturing age came into view. With all of these came one more effect, industrial pollution. Earlier, industries were small factories that produced smoke as the main pollutant. However, since the number of factories were limited and worked only a certain number of hours a day, the levels of pollution did not grow significantly. But when these factories became full scale industries and manufacturing units, the issue of industrial pollution started to take on more importance. World Corrosion Organization (New York, N.Y.) says that the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is $2.2 trillion, more than 3 per cent of the world's gross domestic product (GDP). The U.S. Department of Defence has estimated the annual cost of corrosion in its military applications alone at more than $10 billion per year.

One of the worst disasters caused by stress corrosion cracking was the fall of the Silver Bridge, WV in 1967, when a single brittle crack formed by rusting grew to criticality. The crack was on one of the tie bar links of one of the suspension chains, and the whole joint failed quickly by overload. The event escalated and the whole bridge disappeared in less than a minute, killing 46 drivers or passengers on the bridge at the time.

  • Corrosion and prevention methods
  • Heavy-metal ion
  • Toxic element removal
  • Environmental and health concerns about nanomaterials
  • Environmental degradation of ceramics
  • Degradation of polymeric materials
  • Corrosion of bio-implants
  • Wastewater treatment

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