Materials & Polymer Chemistry

Polymer science deals with the arrangements of structures, concoction combination and properties of polymers, principally manufactured polymers, for example, plastics and elastomers. Polymer science is identified with the more extensive field of polymer science, which additionally envelops polymer material science and polymer designing. The extent of Polymer Chemistry& material science incorporates Novel engineered and polymerization techniques, Polymerization systems and energy, Advanced portrayal of polymers, Macromolecular structure and capacity, Synthesis and use of novel polymers for bio-/Nano solution, Reactions and science of polymers, Supra atomic polymers.


  • Optics/ Lasers
  • Metals, Metalloids & Metallurgy process
  • Materials Synthesis
  • Material Chemistry for Electrochemical capacitors
  • Metals in Medicine
  • Material Chemistry for Electrochemical capacitors
  • Current Trends in Materials Chemistry
  • Regenerative of Materials Chemistry
  • Characterization of Polymers
  • Synthetic Polymers and Biopolymers
  • Schematic Models of Biochemical Polymers
  • Molecularly Imprinted Hydrogels as Potential Carriers
  • Spray Dried Hydroxyapatite-Polymer Composites
  • Recent Innovations in the field of polymer Chemistry
  • Polymeric Smart Materials
  • Triggered Chiral Materials
  • DNA-Polyamide Ladder Polymers
  • Novel methodologies for the construction of complex polymeric materials
  • Polymers for tissue engineering
  • Anti-Erosive Effect of Solutions by Film-Forming Polymers
  • Role of Al2O3inclusions on the localized corrosion of Q460NH
  • Functional degradable polymers and oligomers

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