The power generation and pharmaceutical industries are also heavily dependent on mechatronic devices to provide skilled operations in environments. The education of a mechatronics engineer or researcher thus must place a greater emphasis on the ability to work across and between individual areas of technology. Mechatronics can, therefore, be considered as being a systems approach to the design, development and implementation of complex engineering systems which takes as its foundation the transfer of functionality from the physical domain to the information domain. The strength of the approach is that it supports the understanding of the nature of the embedded complexity by ensuring that the different engineering and other disciplines are considered together from the start of the design process. The introduction of a mechatronic approach to technology integration allied to a concurrent engineering development strategy has resulted in products which are inherently more capable, and hence more attractive to users than their predecessors at reducing real cost.

  • Robust control
  • Optimal control
  • Process Control
  • Advanced process control
  • Adaptive control

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