Medical and public health microbiology

Medical microbiology deals with the body's reaction towards attacking microorganisms. Bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, the principle sub-fields of microbiology are initially secured with the general ideas of cytology and physiology of various microorganisms, and with significant pathogens of man. Microbial eras are sufficiently keen to bring about an adjustment in their resistance designs, opening a pathway for the improvement of new systems and rising patterns in the battle against microbial contaminations. There has been an enormous change in strategies and symptomatic devices from casing of the nucleic corrosive to circle biomarker examines. Various diseases such bacterial, fungal, viral diseases and related treatment. Public health microbiology deals with the segregation of reliable information of infectious diseases, its prevention and control

  • Infectious diseases in Human
  • Infectious diseases in plants and animals
  • Fungal diseases and treatment
  • Bacterial diseases and treatment
  • Viral diseases and treatment
  • Respiratory diseases and treatment
  • Treatment and prevention
  • Case studies and reports
  • Epidemiology
  • Disease control

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