Medical Optics

Ophthalmic Optics includes any optics that include pertain to the eye. Technically this includes Spectacle lenses, the optic of the eye itself, Contact lenses, Intra-ocular lenses and even refractive surgery and optical instruments used to examine the eye. However in common usage, “Ophthalmic optics” most specifically refers to spectacle lenses and that is the topic of this book. Adaptive optics is a technology used to improve the performance of optical systems by reducing the effect of wave front distortions: it aims at correcting the deformations of an incoming wave front by deforming a mirror in order to compensate for the distortion.

  • Basic Optics, Glasses and Contact Lenses
  • Ophthalmic Optics
  • Adaptive Optics
  • Optometric Optics
  • Physiological Optics and Vision Science
  • Optics and Optometry
  • Optics for Ophthalmologists

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