Medical Physics and Biophysics

Medical physics is also called as biomedical physics or applied physics in medicine. Medical physics departments are generally found in hospitals or universities. The applications of Medical physics include scientific problem solving, comprehensive problem solving of less than optimal performance or optimized use of medical devices, identification and elimination of possible causes.

Medical Physics is defined as the application of Physics to the needs of medicine. It is responsible for the technical foundations of radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine. It is built on the foundation of Physics with distinct body of knowledge and scholarship. It incorporates both theoretical and experimental methods, but inherently an applied discipline. Applications include Medical Imaging Physics, testing, optimization and quality assurance. Modern Biophysics encompasses an extraordinarily broad range of research from Bioelectronics to Quantum Biology involving both theoretical and experimental methods.

  • Radiation therapeutic physics
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Laser and Photonics
  • Structural molecular biology
  • Physical biochemistry
  • Neuro science
  • Biomedical engineering

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