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Medical research encompasses a wide array of research from "basic research" (also called bench science or bench research), involving the elucidation of more fundamental scientific principles, to clinical research, which is distinguished by the involvement of patients. Within this spectrum is applied research, or translational research conducted to aid and support the development of knowledge in the field of medicine, and pre-clinical research. The need for fundamental and mechanistic understanding, diagnostics, medical devices and non-pharmaceutical therapies means that pharmaceutical research is only a small part of medical research. Most of the research in the field is pursued by biomedical scientists, however significant contributions are made by other biologists, as well as chemists and physicists. In all cases, the research ethics has to be respected.

23rd International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, March 15-16, 2018, London, UK; International Conference on Nanoscience & Nanoengineering, April 18-19, 2018, Las Vegas, USA; 24th World Nano Conference, May 07-08, 2018, Rome, Italy; Nano World: Current and Future Perspectives in Nanotechnology, June 06-07, 2018, Baltimore, USA; International Conference on Formulation & Drug Delivery, June 06-07, 2018, Baltimore, USA; 20th Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Congress, October 15-16, 2018, Osaka, Japan; 25th Nano Congress for Future Advancements, August 16-18, 2018, Dublin, Ireland; 12th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry, February 26- 27, 2018, London, UK; 5th International Conference on Stress Diseases and Medicine, October 24-25, 2018, Boston, USA; 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems, March 19-21, 2018, Berlin, Germany; 5th International Conference on Clinical Pharmacy and Public Health, March 30-31, 2018, Orlando, USA; 14th International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology,  April 09-11, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands; International Conference on Nano Medicine and Nanoparticles, April 18-19, 2018, Las Vegas, USA; 4th International Conference on Antibiotics: R&D, B2B, April 20-21, 2018, Las Vegas, USA; 11th European Biosimilars Congress, April 26-27, 2018, Rome, Italy; 10th Annual European Pharma Congress, May 07-09, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany, 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery, May 14-16, 2018, Tokyo, Japan; 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, May 14-15, 2018, Tokyo, Japan; Annual Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Congress, May 17-19, 2018, Singapore City, Singapore; 13th World Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology, May 24-25, 2018, Osaka, Japan; 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products, Medicinal Plants & Marine Drugs, June 11-12, 2018, Rome, Italy; 9th Global Experts Meeting on Neuropharmacology, June 18-19, 2018, Paris, France.

  • Pre-clinical and clinical research
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • BioMEMS-Biomedical MicroElectroMechanical Systems
  • Nano technology in medicines
  • Emerging research on advanced medicines

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