Medical Research and Innovations

Medical research involves research in a wide range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available. Medical research encompasses a wide array of research from basic research to clinical research, which is distinguished by the involvement of patients. Development in medicine and healthcare services is an interdisciplinary research area, which incorporates advanced technologies and problem solving abilities with medical science and biological science.  Smart medical systems can provide effective and precise solutions for issues faced by healthcare and medicinal specialists by utilizing advanced information communication systems, computational knowledge, robot technology and other advanced techniques. The Development of technology in this area, have a significant effect on future medicine and healthcare.

  • Bio medicinal technologies
  • Artificial intelligence in medicine
  • Nano medicines
  • Genomics and personalized medicine
  • Innovations in Medical device
  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Emerged Research on Advanced Medicine

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