Medicinal and aromatic plant sciences

Medicinal plants have been used since the prehistoric times. In developed countries, eventhough they do not believe in traditional medicine, yet modern medicine derives its substrates from the plants. Plants produces chemical substance that can fight against the microbial infections. Yet people living in developing countries prefer traditional medicine as their primary health care. Because of this increasing trend towards use of medicinal plant, the plant resource in the world is under enormous threat. Many organization around the world has been conducting researches to preserve these plants from extinction.  Aromatic plants which produces aromatic substance which is used for food and perfumes mainly. As the world is keeping on moving towards the modernization these plants are also under threat. Some of the aromatic plants are Aloe Vera, Acacia Concinna, Citrus Aurantium, etc.

  • Ornamental plants and bioactive compounds
  • Olive Bio actives: Applications and Prospects
  • Phytochemistry
  • Drug discovery from natural sources and Herbal Medicines
  • Natural products in plant medicine
  • Plant Pharmacology

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