Melanoma and Carcinoma: Therapy

Therapy of melanoma that comes back after initial treatment depends on the stage of the original melanoma, what treatments a person has already had, where the melanoma comes back, and other factors. Melanoma and carcinoma might come back in the skin near the site of the original tumor, sometimes even in the scar from the surgery. In general, these local (skin) recurrences are treated with surgery similar to what would be recommended for a primary melanoma. This might include a sentinel lymph node biopsy. Depending on the thickness and location of the tumor, therapy’s other treatments may be considered, such as isolated limb perfusion chemotherapy; radiation therapy; Biologic therapy; Cow’s Urine Therapy; tumor injection with BCG vaccine, interferon, or interleukin-2; or even systemic treatments such as Retro-viral mediated gene therapy; Oncolytic virotherapy; immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy approaches for melanoma fall into six main categories: checkpoint inhibitors, Oncolytic virus therapies, cancer vaccines, adoptive T cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and cytokines. Biological therapy is treatment designed to stimulate or restore the ability of the body's immune system to fight infection and disease. Cryotherapy refers to a treatment in which surface skin lesions are frozen. Cow urine therapy has a lot of potential as a traditional method for cancer treatment. Retroviral vectors offer is their ability to transform their single stranded RNA genome into a double stranded DNA molecule that stably integrates into the target cell genome. Oncolytic virotherapy is an emerging treatment modality which uses replication competent viruses to destroy cancers.

  • Melanoma immuno therapy
  • Biologic therapy
  • Cryrotherapy
  • Cow’s Urine Therapy
  • Retro-viral mediated gene therapy
  • Oncolytic virotherapy

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