Membrane for Water & Wastewater

Membrane water treatment systems were primarily used only in desalination projects. But advancements in membrane technology have made them a progressively popular choice for removing particulates, microorganisms and natural organic materials that foul water’s taste and taint its clarity. Water treatment membranes are high pieces of material that are able to separate contaminants based on properties such as size or charge. Water passes through the membrane; but depending on their size, microorganisms, larger particles and other contaminants are separated out.

 Membranes increasingly are being used in wastewater treatment. They can be used as pretreatment for reverse osmosis or in tertiary filtration. Membrane bioreactors are used as an essential part of wastewater treatment, creating high quality water for reuse. This article examines the regulatory drivers behind today’s increased membrane use, types of applications and design considerations in wastewater treatment, and the development of membrane technologies. Submerged and side stream membrane bioreactors in wastewater treatment plants are the most developed filtration based membrane reactors.

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste water Characteristics
  • Waste water Regulations
  • Waste water Reclamation Process
  • Desalination

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