Metallurgy, Corrosion and Mining

Material science impacts metallurgy more than one could imagine. Powder metallurgy is a term covering a wide scope of fields in which materials or parts are conveyed using metal powders. They can avoid, or staggeringly decrease, the need to utilize metal expulsion shapes and can lessen the expenses. Pyro metallurgy solidifies warm treatment of minerals and metallurgical metals and thinks to recognize physical and considerable changes in the materials to empower recuperation of valuable metals.

Corrosion is a dangerous and costly problem. Corrosion threatens the safe disposal of radioactive waste that must be stored in containers for tens of thousands of years, corroded medical implants may cause blood poisoning .There are plenty of methods for protection against corrosion which are in common use, whether by providing a physical barrier or deliberate control of the corrosion reaction.

Mining is challenging field for both machine and human. As the demand for minerals become higher and the sources of useful metals are depleted, reuse and recovery are becomes significant.


  • Alloy development and casting techniques
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Corrosion, heat treatment
  • Metallurgical machinery and automation
  • Environmental protection

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