Micro and Nanomechanics

The field of micromechanics and Nanomechanics are concerned with the fine scale mechanical behaviour of materials. A micro or nanoscale point of view allows for a more refined treatment of the material constituent behaviour compared with traditional macromolecular approach. Microscale and nanoscale systems are becoming more viable for engineered application. Nanoscale components will be used in conjugation with components that are larger and respond at different timescale. In such hybrid system, the interaction of different time and length scales may play a crucial role in the performance of the complete system.

  • Classical molecular dynamics
  • Lattice mechanics
  • Micromechanics of elastic metamaterials
  • Continuum based modelling in micro and Nanomechanics
  • Multistage mechanics of nanoscale wires and nanocrystalline material
  • Modelling and simulation of carbon nanotube based composites and device
  • Mechanics of nanoporous material

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