Microbes in Air

Aero-Microbiology is the study of living animate microbes that are quiescent in the air. These microbes are attributed to as bio-aerosols .There are significantly less atmosphericmicroorganisms than in oceans and soils; there is still a large bounteous number that they can affect the atmosphere . Once attributed in the air column, these microbes have the scope to travel long distances with the help of air and precipitation, increasing the occurrence of widespread disease by these microbes. These aerosols are ecologically suggestive because they can be identify with disease in humans, animals and plants. Typically microbes will be dependent in clouds.where they are able to execute processes that alter the chemical composition of the cloud, and may even induce condensation. 

  • Air Borne Bacterial Diseases
  • Air Borne Fungal Diseases
  • Air Borne Viral Diseases
  • Bioasrosol transport, Bioaerosol deposition
  • Airborne crop pathogen
  • Spoilage of foods and fermentation products
  • Microbes affecting in Atmospheric humidity
  • Microbes affecting inTemperature

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