Microbial Diversity

Prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms dominate life on Earth with respect to the numbers of individuals and biomass. Yet, the number of species of macro organisms described as well as the estimated numbers of yet to be described species exceeds those of the microorganisms by an order of magnitude. Such numbers give an incomplete picture of the diversity in the microbial world. Only two modes of life are found in higher plants and animals: oxygenic photosynthesis and aerobic respiration. In the microbial world a great variety of processes occur, aerobic as well as anaerobic, phototrophic (oxygenic and anoxygenic), respiratory (with oxygen or other electron acceptors), fermentative and chemoautotrophic (using reduced inorganic compounds as energy sources).  Phylo genetically the microbial world is by far the most diverse

        Evolution of Species

        Bacterial taxonomy

        Nested genera in Pseudomonas

         Archaeal genomes


  • Evolution of Species
  • Bacterial taxonomy
  • Nested genera in Pseudomonas
  • Archaeal genomes
  • Ecosystem

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