Microbial eukaryotes

Most living things that are visible to the unclad ocular perceiver in their adult form are eukaryotes, including humans. However, a sizably voluminous number of eukaryotes are withal microorganisms. Microbial eukaryotes are a consequential component of the human gut microbiome. Eukaryotes that reside in the human gut are dispersed across the eukaryotic tree and their relationship with the human host varies from parasitic to opportunistic to commensal to mutualistic. Eukaryotes are one of the three domains of life and are defined by the presence of nuclei. Animals, plants, and fungi are the most visible clades of eukaryotes, but these are just three of the 70+ lineages, most of which are microbial.


  • Protists
  • Animals
  • Fungi
  • Plants

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