Microbial Glycobiology & Genomics

Glycobiology is the study of the structure, biology and biosynthesis of saccharides that are widely distributed in nature. Saccharides or sugars are essential components of all living things and aspects of the different roles they play in biology are researched in various medical, biotechnological and biomedical fields. Microbial is the ecology protection of microorganisms their state of being connected with one another and with their environment. It concerns the three major domains of life Eukaryota, Bacteria and Archaea as well as viruses.  As a consequence of  microbial genetics the relating to magnitude of microbial life microbes, by virtue of their biomass alone, constitute a significant carbon sink, Aside from  carbon fixation, microorganisms key collective metabolic control global biochemical cycling.



  • Bacterial Cell Envelop Peptidoglycan
  • Applications of Genomics
  • Metabolic and Covalent labelling of Glycan’s
  • Microbial Resource Management
  • Microtechnological and Medical Applications
  • Pathogenesis and Bacterial Polysaccharides

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