Microbial resource management (MRM)

Microbial Resource Management (MRM) is the inheritable characteristics of microorganisms of potential benefit to people. The term constitutes novel cultivars and specimens; conventional cultivars and specimens; special genetic stocks; wild relatives of domesticated species; and genetic variants of wild resource species. A wild genetic resource is the wild relative of a microbe that is already known to be of economic importance. The cause for conserving such a resource includes the provision of direct and indirect economic aid. However, the conserved genetic material must be made available to the people who require it to improve the productivity, aspect, or pest resistance of utilized microbial conscience of genetic resources. The values we acquire from microorganism genetic resources are generally associated with the common levels of organization and divergence that prevail in nature, from ecosystems to species, populations, entity and genes. In considering the conservation of microorganisms genetic resources it is necessary to clearly stipulate objectives designed. This is of absolute importance, as it is feasible to conserve an ecosystem and static drop of definite species; and to maintain a species and lose genetically distinct populations, or genes which may be of value in adaptation and future improvement of the species with beneficial, microbial and insect germplasm should be seized and assure through the extension of genebanks or in situ preserves for long-term accessibility. The genetic content of acquired germplasm should be characterized to ensure comprehensive genetic variability while diminishing genetic redundancy. The microbial and insect potential of unaltered germplasm must be determined.

  • Microbial Communities
  • Metabolic capacities
  • Population dynamics
  • Synthetic ecosystems
  • Natural ecosystems
  • Tools of microbial resource management
  • Models of microbial resource management
  • Microbial Biotechnology
  • Functional and biological entities
  • Eco-physiology of Microbes

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